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Europe has been a centre of major political, philosophical, and religious changes for over 2,000 years. From the invention of democracy in Athens to the communist uprisings in Eastern Europe, events in Europe have changed the world.

The Age of Enlightenment and the Renaissance also brought liberal ideas and artistic pursuits to the world. These ideas eventually contributed to global events like the Atlantic Revolutions, but they have surely shaped modern Europe. Today, political and social holidays are observed in European nations to honour workers, minorities, and women. International Women’s Day and International Workers’ Day are popular progressive holidays in Europe.

Religion has also dominated the worldviews of Europeans for many centuries –particularly Christianity. By using the networks of the fallen Roman Empire, Christianity was able to spread across the European continent. During the reign of the Holy Roman Empire, the Iberian Peninsula in the south, Scandinavia in the north, and the British Isles in the Atlantic all felt the influence of Christianity. Nearly every country in Europe celebrates Christian holidays. The most popular celebrations are Christmas, Easter, and Good Friday.

While these holidays are celebrated across the continent, Europe is not homogeneous. Protestant, Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox are the primary sects of Christianity in Europe. Protestant beliefs are prevalent in Germany and England, and Catholicism is famous in Spain and Italy. Orthodox Christianity is dominant in Greece and Eastern Europe.

Christian traditions are still an integral part of European cultures, but secularism is on the rise in places like Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Due to the effects of poor economic policies and the destruction of the Great Wars, many Europeans have lost faith in their Christian traditions. Despite the rise of secularism, Christian holidays remain popular among society in general . For many people, Christmas and Easter are simply relaxing holidays instead of religious observances.

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