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North Macedonia

North Macedonia Public Holidays

Discover upcoming public holiday dates for North Macedonia and start planning to make the most of your time off.

North Macedonia has 13 public holidays that are celebrated each year. A majority of the holidays are based on the Orthodox Christian faith, and these dates of celebration are different than in many other areas of the world.

Holidays in North Macedonia are regulated by “The Law on Holidays in the Republic of North Macedonia, 2007.” These laws determine the 13 public holidays, established the first nationally recognised Muslim holiday, and gave the government the authority to add one-time non-working holidays each year if they are officially published.

Holidays that occur on a weekend are often moved to the following work day to extend their celebration. In many cases, the government will announce just a few days before the weekend holiday that the date has been changed. Businesses are required to observe the new dates.

Many of the holidays in North Macedonia are celebrated with “Eve” celebrations or an extra day following the holiday. Eve celebrations are traditional and not required by law. If a second day is added to the public holiday, a national announcement will be made prior to the holiday occurring.

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