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Monaco Public Holidays

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Monaco celebrates 12 national holidays each year. Under the Labour Laws of Monaco, employees are entitled to receive these statutory holidays off with full pay.

If the employees are required to work due to the nature of their position, and if the labour department approves of the work, the employees are entitled to receive a different day off with pay or double pay for the time worked on the holiday.

Holidays in Monaco are regulated under Law 800 dated 18 of February 1966 and updated in Law 1070 on 5 July 1979. These laws establish the 12 holidays currently celebrated in Monaco and gives the Prince of Monaco the authority to declare one-time holidays, with or without pay, for special events. Recently, the Prince declared a special holiday in commemoration of the birth of the royal twins.

Most of the holidays celebrated in Monaco are based on the Christian calendar and may occur on different dates each year. The government of Monaco requires that all employers acknowledge these holidays on the dates that they occur. If a holiday occurs on a Sunday, the government has established that the celebration will be acknowledged on the following Monday. The government of Monaco, through the Ministry of Labour, will release the official dates for the holidays of each year at the end of the previous year.

It should be noted that Good Friday (the Friday before Easter), Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are not official holidays in Monaco. However, many businesses close early or close for those days entirely. Employees are not required to receive holiday pay for these dates.

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