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Belarus Public Holidays

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The government of Belarus has established nine official public holidays that employers must honour. However, there are also several national holidays that are not “officially” recognised by the government in terms of employment laws, but are still celebrated on a national level.

Holidays in Belarus are regulated under Article 84, Paragraph 18 in the Constitution on the Republic of Belarus. This Article gives the president of Belarus the right to establish or take away holidays on a national level. The current list of national holidays is in Section 3 of the Presidential Decree issued in 1998.

Belarus does not have any laws in place to move holiday dates if they occur on the weekend to the following Monday to create an extended weekend. However, there have been times when a Presidential Decree is made and an extra holiday date is given to provide for a three-day weekend for the employees. This does not happen all the time, and in most cases is only announced shortly before the event.

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