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October Revolution Day

October Revolution Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Belarus

October Revolution Day in Belarus is celebrated every 7 November. The Soviet-era holiday has continued only in Belarus and Kyrgyzstan as a public holiday. The day looks back to the outbreak of the “October Revolution” in 1917.

20247 NovThuOctober Revolution Day
20257 NovFriOctober Revolution Day
20267 NovSatOctober Revolution Day
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On the Gregorian Calendar, the revolution took place on 7 November, but it was 25 October on the eastern calendar, hence the name “October Revolution”.

After defeat by the Germans in World War I and loss of much Russian territory, Czar Nicholas II finally abdicated. A weak provisional government took over power temporarily, but it was plagued by divisions and a lack of vision and direction.

Soon, Bolsheviks and other socialists took this opportunity to stage a revolt. The rebels assaulted the Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg, ousted the ruling council, and began the long civil war between “Red” and “White” Russia that ultimately ended in establishment of Soviet rule over the whole empire.

In Belarus, celebration of October Revolution Day is controversial. Even in Russia it was controversial to the point of being substituted by “Unity Day” on 4 November. But in Belarus, it retains its original name and date.

Previous Years

20237 NovTueOctober Revolution Day
20227 NovMonOctober Revolution Day