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Public Holidays

Public Holidays 2017

This page contains a calendar of all 2017 public holidays for Montenegro. Please scroll down to view.

Montenegro is a Sovereign state in Southeastern Europe bordered by Croatia and Bosnia. Many of the country’s official public holidays are based on traditional Orthodox traditions. Montenegro honours a New Year’s celebration lasting two days; Christmas Eve; Christmas Day and the Second Day of Christmas, a holiday lasting three days. Workers are also entitled to holidays in honour or Orthodox Good Friday; Easter Sunday; Easter Monday; Labour Day, lasting two days; Independence Day, lasting two days and Statehood day, also lasting two days. Montenegro considers Christian Easter Sunday and New Year’s Eve as observances.

All holidays in Montenegro are deemed non-working days, including Orthodox religious observances. If the first day of a holiday falls on Sunday, the next two working days are observed as paid holidays. If the second day of a holidays falls on Sunday, the following working day is considered a paid holiday. As many holidays in Montenegro last between two and three days, paid time off is allowed for the duration of the designated holiday. Additional Catholic, Muslim and Jewish holidays are also observed, depending on provisions set forth in an employment contract or union bargaining agreement.

Several ethnic, religious and cultural holidays are recognized in Montenegro, although they are not usually designated as paid holidays including Orthodox New Year; Assumption of Mary; Islamic New Year; First Day of Ramadan; Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. These holidays are granted at the sole discretion of an employer. Workers of certain religions usually granted time off for religious observances.

Labour Laws in Montenegro

All employees in Montenegro are required to enter into a legally-binding employment contract or collective agreement before beginning work. The employment contract depends on the type of work and sector in which a worker is employed. Terms in employment agreements set forth wages, overtime compensation and entitlement to paid weekly rest and annual leave. A normal work week generally consists of 40 hours. Extra hours are permitted in cases of emergency or due to a large volume of work required by a specific employer. Many workers employed in the hospitality industry are often required to work extra hours during high tourism season.

All workers in Montenegro are entitled to a weekly recess or rest period consisting of 24 consecutive hours. If an employee is required to work during a weekly rest period, an extra day of leave is allowed during the following week. All workers are entitled to annual leave of at least 18 work days. Annual leave may be taken in two portions, depending on work schedules determined by employers.

Public Holidays 2017

1 JanSunNew Year's Day
2 JanMonNew Year's Holiday
3 JanTueNew Year's Holiday
6 JanFriOrthodox Christmas Eve
7 JanSatOrthodox Christmas Day
9 JanMonOrthodox Christmas Holiday
14 AprFriOrthodox Good Friday
17 AprMonOrthodox Easter Monday
1 MayMonMay Day
2 MayTueMay Day Holiday
21 MaySunIndependence Day
22 MayMonIndependence Day Holiday
23 MayTueIndependence Day Holiday
13 JulThuStatehood Day/ National Day
14 JulFriStatehood Day/ National Day Holiday