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National Day

National Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Montenegro

Montenegro has been an independent country since 3 June 2006, based on the independence referendum approved by popular vote on 21 May. Thus, 21 May is Independence Day, but National Day is on 13 July and is no less important of a national holiday.

202413 JulSatNational Day
15 JulMonNational Day Holiday
202513 JulSunNational Day
14 JulMonNational Day Holiday
15 JulTueNational Day Holiday
202613 JulMonNational Day
14 JulTueNational Day Holiday
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On 13 July, 1878, Montenegro became its own country based on the decisions of the Congress of Berlin. And on 13 July, 1941, Montenegro’s people revolted against the Nazi occupying force. For these two reasons, this is the date of the National Day of Montenegro, which is also called Statehood Day.

But in reality, the true beginnings of Montenegro go back to the year 1042, when a local principality in what is now Montenegro successfully revolted against the Byzantine Empire. Later, other nearby principalities joined, and by 1500, the country was called by its current name. Montenegro then fell to Ottoman rule for a time, but regained semi-independent status in 1697. Thus, Montenegro has been a separate country, off and on, for almost 1,000 years.

There are some special ceremonies and events in the capital city of Podgorica for National Day. But this is largely a low-key holiday where people enjoy a welcome day off and may have a special family dinner or visit a friend’s or relative’s house.

Previous Years

202313 JulThuNational Day
14 JulFriNational Day Holiday
202213 JulWedNational Day
14 JulThuNational Day Holiday