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Independence Day

Independence Day 2025 and 2026 in Montenegro

Independence Day is observed in Montenegro every 21 and 22 May.

202521 MayWedIndependence Day
22 MayThuIndependence Day Holiday
202621 MayThuIndependence Day
22 MayFriIndependence Day Holiday
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Montenegro voted for independence from Serbia in an EU-organised referendum on 21 May 2006. On 3 June, the parliament of Montenegro officially declared independence, and on 15 June, Serbia recognised Montenegro’s new status.

This was not the first time Montenegro had been its own country. It was the first nation to emerge out of the slowly crumbling Ottoman Empire in the 1700’s. After World War I, it was annexed by Serbia, and it became part of Yugoslavia when that nation was formed in 1929.

Every Independence Day there are official state functions, but the best use of the day is probably exploring Montenegro’s mountains and beaches and experiencing its unique seafood-based cuisine.

Previous Years

202421 MayTueIndependence Day
22 MayWedIndependence Day Holiday
202321 MaySunIndependence Day
22 MayMonIndependence Day Holiday
23 MayTueIndependence Day Holiday