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Pentecost 2025 and 2026 in Slovenia

Pentecost is a major Christian observance in Slovenia that takes place on the fiftieth day of Easter — 49 days after Easter Sunday. It is also known as Whit Sunday.

20258 JunSunWhit Sunday
202624 MaySunWhit Sunday
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Pentecost is the final celebration of the seven-week Easter period. According to Christian belief, Pentecost commemorates the day that the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles and disciples of Jesus, giving them the ability to speak in different languages to share the good news about Jesus.

The name “Whit” Sunday comes from the white clothes traditionally worn by those being baptised on this popular day for baptisms.

Pentecost is often seen as a harbinger of warm summer weather and has deep religious and cultural roots in Slovenia.

It is traditional for baptisms and confirmations to take place on Pentecost Sunday, and many will wear white attire to church. Some may also go on pilgrimages, mimicking the fact that Jews would go on pilgrimage to Jerusalem during the ancient Feast of Weeks, which Pentecost is based on. Also, some engage in a special time of prayer or fasting during the nine days between Ascension Day and Pentecost.

But Pentecost Weekend isn’t all just about religious services. It’s also a time to get outside in the warm weather and enjoy it! It is the gateway to summer, and many go on walks in the park, nature hikes, or family picnics. Many businesses are closed for the holiday, but people still find plenty of activities to keep themselves occupied.

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202419 MaySunWhit Sunday
202328 MaySunWhit Sunday