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Spring Bank Holiday

Spring Bank Holiday 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Guernsey

Guernsey observes Spring Bank Holiday on the final Monday of May. This is in keeping with the practice of the UK and its territories. Some call this holiday Late May Bank Holiday instead, reflecting the fact that May Bank Holiday occurs on the first Monday of the same month.

202427 MayMonSpring Bank Holiday
202526 MayMonSpring Bank Holiday
202625 MayMonSpring Bank Holiday
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Before 1967, Guernsey and the UK observed Whit Monday as an official public holiday. That year, however, the first Monday after Pentecost was renamed Spring Bank Holiday. In 1971, however, the date was moved to the final Monday in May. This was done because the original date often interrupted exam time at schools.

Today, there are street festivals in Guernsey and all over the UK on Spring Bank Holiday. Many like to thoroughly clean out their houses, get out and enjoy the fresh spring weather, and just spend time at home with family. Many also go on short mini-vacations, as on other bank holidays, and the Channel Island of Guernsey is a very popular Spring Bank Holiday vacation spot.

Previous Years

202329 MayMonSpring Bank Holiday
20222 JunThuSpring Bank Holiday