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St Joseph's Day
Vatican City

St Joseph’s Day 2025 and 2026 in Vatican City

The Roman Catholic feast of Saint Joseph is observed on 19 March in Vatican City and in many other Catholic countries. The day is dedicated to the memory of Joseph, husband of the Virgin Mary.

202519 MarWedSt Joseph's Day
202619 MarThuSt Joseph's Day
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Saint Joseph’s Day gradually began to be celebrated in Ancient and Medieval times, and was well established by the 900’s. But it was only made official by Pope Pius V in 1570.

Mainly, in Vatican City and throughout Rome and Italy, people celebrate Saint Joseph’s Day by attending special masses, joining in parades, wearing the colour red, carrying priest-blessed fava beans, and setting up an altar to Saint Joseph in their house.

Italians in other lands, including the US, also are known to put on major Saint Joseph’s Day parades, but it’s those in Rome and the Vatican who, arguably, are the most enthusiastic about celebrating this holiday.

Previous Years

202419 MarTueSt Joseph's Day
202319 MarSunSt Joseph's Day