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Republic Day

Republic Day 2025 and 2026 in Slovakia

Slovakia celebrates Republic Day every 1 January to commemorate the date in 1993 when Slovakia became an independent nation. Known by several names in Slovakia, Republic Day is also referred to as Establishment Day and Emergence Day.

20251 JanWedRepublic Day
20261 JanThuRepublic Day
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Czechoslovakia has undergone many changes since the end of World War I. For a brief period it was split into two countries during World War II, and then reunited again under communist rule in 1948. In 1968, the two distinct areas of Czechoslovakia became unofficially known as the Slovak Socialist Republic and the Czech Socialist Republic.

Finally after years of political turmoil in 1992, the two countries officially split, and on 1 January 1993, the Slovak Republic was created. This was an exciting day for the country. Many people refer to this split between the two countries as the Velvet Divorce because it went so smoothly and peacefully that it was like the two countries had always been independent of each other.

It was on this special day that the new Flag of the Slovak Republic was raised for the first time. Flying the flag at all government buildings and in many celebration areas has become a custom associated with celebrating Republic Day in Slovakia.

Previous Years

20241 JanMonRepublic Day
20231 JanSunRepublic Day
20221 JanSatRepublic Day
20211 JanFriRepublic Day
20201 JanWedRepublic Day
20191 JanTueRepublic Day
20181 JanMonRepublic Day
20171 JanSunRepublic Day