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Constitution Day

Constitution Day 2018 and 2019

In Slovakia, Constitution Day is a public holiday that is celebrated the 1st of every September.

20181 SepSatConstitution Day
20191 SepSunConstitution Day

The holiday is referred to as Deň Ústavy Slovenskej republiky in Slovak and it is meant to commemorate the Slovak constitution’s adoption on September 1st, 1992 in Bratislavia. In other words, this holiday is the National Day of Slovakia. A number of fairs are typically organised on this day in Slovakia. They feature handmade souvenirs available for purchase. Additionally, several concerts and music festivals are held across the country in honour of Constitution Day.

The History Behind Constitution Day in Slovakia

Slovakia was recently a part of Czechoslovakia until it was divided alongside the Czech Republic. With the creation of this new country, a Constitution was also written. The Slovak Constitution was in fact modelled very closely to the Czechoslovakian Constitution of 1920. After written, the Constitution was then passed by the Slovak National Council. This occurred on September 1, 1992. It was signed two days later, on September 3, 1992. The Constitution was effective starting on October 1st in some areas of the country and on January 1st, 1993 in the rest of Slovakia.

The Constitution is something unique and to be celebrated just in and of itself. It contains a preamble alongside nine parts which are all divided into chapters. In total, there are 156 articles to the Slovak Constitution. It has been amended five times since it was adopted. What makes the Constitution particularly interesting is its focus on ecological issues. It is dedicated to the ecological rights of the Slovaks and is dedicated to issues related to ecology across the country. By establishing this Constitution, the state of Czechoslovakia was effectively ended, leading to the creation of the Czech and Slovak republics on the 1st of January, 1993.

How to Celebrate Constitution Day in Slovakia

This holiday is celebrated in Slovakia with a wide variety of traditional customs. These customs include things like traditional songs and folk dancing. As the Bratislava Castle is where the Constitution was signed, both it and the parliament are opened on this day to the public. At night, the castle is then lit festively in celebration of this day. If you are thinking about traveling to Slovakia during September, you might consider checking out the festivities on the 1st. Bratislava holds most of the celebrations because of its historical significance to the creation and signing of the Constitution, but other major cities are likely to hold some festivities as well. Here are some places to check out on Constitution Day in Slovakia:

  • While in Bratislava, take advantage of the Castle and surrounding areas being opened for the festivities.
  • Košice is the second largest city in Slovakia behind Bratislava and likely to be full of festivities on any given holiday.
  • Žilina is another large town with nearby parks and caves that are great to experience as part of the ecological preservation in Slovakia.

Constitution Day is in many ways a symbol of Slovakia’s independence after centuries of influence from a variety of Empires. This independence is crucial to the identity of Slovaks, so it is understandable that such a holiday is celebrated with great cultural fervor. If you plan to be traveling through Slovakia around September 1st, you should most definitely try to visit Slovakia to see the cultural and historic sights as well as the festivities. While you are in Slovakia, be sure to try Bryndzové halušky, the National Dish made of potato dumplings, cheese, and bacon. It will definitely give you something great to celebrate!