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Constitution Day

Constitution Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Slovakia

In Slovakia, Constitution Day is a public holiday that is celebrated every 1 September to commemorate the Slovak constitution’s adoption on that day in 1992 in Bratislavia. The constitution was signed two days later on 3 September, and was effective starting 1 October in some areas of the country and on 1 January 1993 in the rest of Slovakia.

20241 SepSunConstitution Day
20251 SepMonConstitution Day
20261 SepTueConstitution Day
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The constitution has been amended five times since it was adopted. What makes the constitution particularly interesting is its focus on ecological issues. It is dedicated to the ecological rights of the Slovaks and is dedicated to issues related to ecology across the country.

As the Bratislava Castle is where the Constitution was signed, both it and the parliament are opened on this day to the public. At night, the castle is then lit festively in celebration of this day.

Constitution Day is in many ways a symbol of Slovakia’s independence after centuries of influence from a variety of Empires. This independence is crucial to the identity of Slovaks, so it is understandable that such a holiday is celebrated with great cultural fervour.

Previous Years

20231 SepFriConstitution Day
20221 SepThuConstitution Day