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National Language Day

National Language Day 2019 and 2020 in Moldova

Every 31 August, in Moldova, it’s National Language Day. In the Moldovan tongue, which the holiday celebrates, the day is called “Limba Noastra”, meaning “Our Language”.

201931 AugSatNational Language Day
202031 AugMonNational Language Day

Most people in Moldova speak Romanian, which is why the holiday was originally called “Romanian Language Day”. But Moldovan being a special dialect of Romanian, the name was changed to focus just on Moldovan.

It was on 31 August, 1989 that the soviet government of Moldova caved in to pressure from the Moldovan people to officially adopt the Moldovan dialect of Romanian as the state language. And with this recognition came a switch to the Latin, instead of Cyrillic, alphabet.

National Language Day was first celebrated in 1990, and it has been observed ever since, even after the fall of the Soviet Union. It is a day when Moldovans remember their linguistic and cultural roots. There are numerous events and cultural exhibits held throughout the country.

National Language Day is also a time to sing the national anthem, which is named “Limba Noastra” just like the holiday. The anthem’s author, Alexei Mateevici, is remembered.