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Labour Day

Labour Day 2025 and 2026 in Moldova

Labour Day in Moldova is celebrated every 1 May, as it is in much of the rest of the world. This is a holiday to celebrate the contributions of workers to the economy and society, and also a time to highlight where progress still needs to be made towards fair and safe working conditions.

20251 MayThuLabour Day
20261 MayFriLabour Day
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In Moldova, Labour Day is also called International Day of Workers’ Solidarity. It is a welcome break for students and workers that allows them to engage in some activities with their family or friends before getting back to the “daily grind”.

Many lead urban lives in Moldova, but Labour Day is a time when people traditionally escape the urban sprawl and head to the countryside for a mini-vacation. The beauty of the mountains, rivers, and woodlands of much of Moldova make it an ideal place to get away to enjoy nature.

There are also some labour protests, but this is not the dominant theme of the holiday here.

Previous Years

20241 MayWedLabour Day
20231 MayMonLabour Day