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Independence Day

Independence Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Moldova

Moldova celebrates its Independence Day every 27 August. This is in commemoration of Moldova’s declaring independence from the Soviet Union on that day back in 1991.

202427 AugTueIndependence Day
202527 AugWedIndependence Day
202627 AugThuIndependence Day
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Although the recent date of Moldovan independence might make it seem like a “young” country, it is actually a very old one. Moldova was long the eastern half of the Medieval Principality of Moldavia. The other half is part of Romania today, which explains why the flags of Romania and Moldova are nearly identical.

Later, Moldavia in its entirety was made tributary to the Ottoman Empire, but in 1812, Russia annexed the eastern portion of Moldavia and named it “Bessarabia.” Bessarabia was returned to an independent Romania in 1918 but was seized by the Soviet Union in 1940. Finally, it declared its independence, like the other Soviet Socialist Republics, in 1991.

Independence Day is an off-work day in Moldova. Most of the businesses and government buildings are closed. But there will be events to attend, including a public speech by the Moldovan president, a flower-laying ceremony at the Monument of Stefan cel Mare, a patriotic concert in National Square, sports competitions, and more.

Previous Years

202327 AugSunIndependence Day
202227 AugSatIndependence Day