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Children's Day

Children’s Day 2023, 2024 and 2025 in Moldova

Moldova celebrates Children’s Day in a big way every 1 June. It’s a national holiday here and there are children’s events put on all over the country.

20231 JunThuChildren's Day
20241 JunSatChildren's Day
20251 JunSunChildren's Day
20261 JunMonChildren's Day
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Children’s Day is meant to stress the importance and value of children intrinsically, in family units, and in society at large. It’s a holiday where parents and others with a heart for kids can give them a special gift, take them to special events, or do something else to show them how special they really are.

Many Children’s Day events in Moldova will have games, crafts, cultural exhibits, children’s theatres, trampolines or inflatables, petting zoos, candy and sweets giveaways, and a host of other features that kids love.

Events are also often organised at orphanages and people may visit to give gifts to orphans or just spend some time with them.

The traditional first day of summer, 1 June, is a great time for outdoor activities. So children’s day often involves outings and showing kids the wonders of nature.

Previous Years

20221 JunWedChildren's Day
20211 JunTueChildren's Day
20201 JunMonChildren's Day
20191 JunSatChildren's Day
20181 JunFriChildren's Day
20171 JunThuChildren's Day