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May Bank Holiday

May Bank Holiday 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Jersey

In Jersey, many of the same holidays are observed as in the mainland part of the UK. This includes bank holidays such as May Bank Holiday on the first Monday of May. Some people call May Bank Holiday “May Day” and associate it with ancient traditions like the May Pole, while others connect it with Labour Day. But it’s actually a holiday all its own.

20246 MayMonMay Bank Holiday
20255 MayMonMay Bank Holiday
20264 MayMonMay Bank Holiday
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May Bank Holiday was introduced by the 1871 Bank Holidays Act and has stood the test of time ever since. It’s an extra day off work for adults and off school for children that is often used for short vacations over the three-day weekend. Many people like to work on special projects at home or get outside to enjoy nature on May Bank Holiday as well.

Sometimes, the date of May Bank Holiday is moved to coincide with VE (Victory In Europe) Day, but not very often. This occurred on the 50th and 75th VE Day celebrations, for example. However, in Jersey, both 4 May and 8 May will be celebrated as a double-installment of May Bank Holiday!

In 2011, there was some discussion over whether to replace May Bank Holiday with a new bank holiday in October, but these plans did not materialise.

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