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Liberation Day

Liberation Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Jersey

Each 9 May is celebrated as Liberation Day on Jersey. It was on that day in 1945 the Nazi occupiers of the island surrendered to British forces.

20249 MayThuLiberation Day
20259 MayFriLiberation Day
20269 MaySatLiberation Day
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The HMS Beagle arrived in Jersey to officially liberate the island on 9 May, 1945. The UK flag was quickly raised over the harbour master’s office and over the Pomme D’Or Hotel, while crowds of onlookers cheered and celebrated.

Every year, the flag-raising events of 9 May 1945 are re-enacted. A procession of government officials moves from Royal Square to Liberation Square, where the special events take place. Gathered crowds sing Beautiful Jersey while military vehicles from the 1940’s and people dressed in military dress of the time parade and then stop for an official review.

There is also a solemn memorial service at the local crematorium, and later in the day, entertainment and street stalls appear in the local Saint Helier district. The Jersey Liberation Day re-enactments have been going on since 1995.

Previous Years

20239 MayTueLiberation Day
20229 MayMonLiberation Day
20219 MaySunLiberation Day
20209 MaySatLiberation Day
20199 MayThuLiberation Day
20189 MayWedLiberation Day
20179 MayTueLiberation Day