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Spring Bank Holiday

Spring Bank Holiday 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Gibraltar

Spring Bank Holiday replaced Whit Monday on Gibraltar’s and the UK’s holiday schedule in 1967. It is also sometimes called Late May Bank Holiday since it falls on the last Monday of every May.

202427 MayMonSpring Bank Holiday
202526 MayMonSpring Bank Holiday
202625 MayMonSpring Bank Holiday
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Whit Monday was a follow up to Whit Sunday, or Pentecost Sunday, and was a religious holiday celebrating the coming of the Holy Spirit and the founding of the church on the Day of Pentecost some 2,000 years ago.

Spring Bank Holiday is a secular holiday that simply celebrates spring. It also avoids interrupting school exams, which was apt to happen from time to time with Whit Monday.

For Spring Bank Holiday, many families go on a short vacation during the long weekend. They may stay in Gibraltar, visit Spain or the UK, or go almost anywhere else. There are also carnivals and street celebrations to attend. Others may simply take a much needed day off, work on planting their garden, or enjoy a day out on the town.

Previous Years

202329 MayMonSpring Bank Holiday
20222 JunThuSpring Bank Holiday
202131 MayMonSpring Bank Holiday
202025 MayMonSpring Bank Holiday
201927 MayMonSpring Bank Holiday
201828 MayMonSpring Bank Holiday
201729 MayMonSpring Bank Holiday