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May Day

May Day 2025 and 2026 in Gibraltar

In the 19th Century, May Day became more than a celebration of the coming of spring. It became the day when workers protested and petitioned for better working conditions and enforcement of workers’ rights. May Day became one with the labour movement.

20251 MayThuMay Day
20261 MayFriMay Day
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In Gibraltar, 1 May is both a time to remember the achievements and challenges of the territory’s workers and to celebrate the coming of warmer weather. However, May Day is not nearly as “political” a holiday in Gibraltar as it used to be in days gone by.

Today, the main May Day event is organised by the Gibraltar Cultural Services in “The Square”. It is a family and fun oriented 5-hour stint that includes music concerts with live performers, dancing, food stalls, and a “fun day” for kids with inflatable castles, face painting, crafts, and more.

Many will also swim and sun at the beaches, go shopping in the city malls, visit friends and relatives, enjoy festive feasts at home or at a special restaurant, or just relax around the house. Most people are off work and out of school for May Day, and the streets and highways can be crowded this time of year as many travel or go on local “stay-cations”.

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20241 MayWedMay Day
20231 MayMonMay Day