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Constitution Day
Faroe Islands

Constitution Day 2025 and 2026 in Faroe Islands

On 5 June, Faroe Islands observes Constitution Day. This is the day in 1849 when the first constitution of Denmark was enacted, making it a limited, Constitutional monarchy instead of an absolute monarchy. It’s also the day in 1953, when the current Danish constitution was approved.

20255 JunThuConstitution Day *
20265 JunFriConstitution Day *
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Note: Constitution Day is a half day public holiday.

Though located hundreds of miles from mainland Denmark, Faroe Islands have been part of Denmark for some 600 years. And the Constitution and Constitution Day of Faroe Islands is the same as that of Denmark.

Since Denmark has no amendment provision in its constitution, any changes require the entire document to be ratified again as a new constitution. This has happened four times in Danish and Faroe Islands history.

In 1946, Faroe Islands approved an independence referendum and was set to have its own constitution if a majority voted in favour of independence.

However the result of the referendum was so close that no full majority was clear. And continued negotiations resulted in Denmark only granting the Faroe Islands home-rule.

The movement for full independence continue. But for now, at least, the people of Faroe Islands enjoy a day off work for this holiday. Plus, they can spend extra time with family since 5 June is also Father’s Day in Faroe Islands and in Denmark.

Previous Years

20245 JunWedConstitution Day *
20235 JunMonConstitution Day *