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Ascension Day
Faroe Islands

Ascension Day 2025 and 2026 in Faroe Islands

Ascension Day is a holiday in Faroe Islands to commemorate Jesus Christ’s ascension to heaven as recorded in the Bible. It is observed on the fortieth day of Easter – 39 days after Easter Sunday – and always fall on a Thursday.

202529 MayThuAscension Day
202614 MayThuAscension Day
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Faroe Islands is finally beginning to warm up a bit when Ascension Day is celebrated. Here, it is called “Kristi himmalsferdar dagur”. Pentecost Sunday and Monday are also observed this time of year, only 10 days later.

As most of Faroe Islands is Lutheran, and observant Lutherans normally celebrate Ascension Day, it is no surprise that this day is a holiday here. Church-going, religious processions, and contemplating the meaning of Christ’s Ascension and the Great Commission are key to the day.

But Ascension Day is also a time when many get out to hike and catch glimpses of the breathtaking landscape. It is an opportune time to enjoy the warmer weather after a long, harsh winter and to indulge in a special family dinner.

Previous Years

20249 MayThuAscension Day
202318 MayThuAscension Day