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Green Monday

Green Monday 2025 and 2026 in Cyprus

The beginning of Lent is known as Green Monday in Cyprus, while in Greece it is called Clean Monday. This holiday marks both the beginning of a religious season that culminates in Easter Sunday and the beginning of spring. It normally occurs sometime in early March.

20253 MarMonGreen Monday
202623 FebMonGreen Monday
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Some families in Cyprus will camp out or visit the beach or the city park on Green Monday. Everyone wants to get outside and enjoy the first days of spring. Municipalities typically organise free events with singing, dancing, traditional games, and free food.

But the most important event of all on Green Monday is kite flying competitions. Making your own kite or carefully selecting one at the store is half the fun. Then you show up at a beach or other public gathering place to fly the kite as high as you can.

Most Green Monday kites are in the shape of a pentagon, brightly decorated, and may bear some special logo like that of a local soccer team. But every kite is different, and the uniqueness of the kites is part of what makes the event so fun.

Previous Years

202418 MarMonGreen Monday
202327 FebMonGreen Monday