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Constitution Day

Constitution Day 2020, 2021 and 2022 in Andorra

Every 14 March is a public holiday in Andorra called “Constitution Day”. Constitution Day commemorates the day in 1993 when Andorra’s current constitution was approved by 74 percent of the voters in a referendum.

202014 MarSatConstitution Day
202114 MarSunConstitution Day
202214 MarMonConstitution Day

The government of Andorra has determined that businesses close down on four national public holidays, and Constitution Day is among those four. However, there may be some exceptions at ski resorts and certain tourist centres.

Also on Constitution Day, there will be special speeches delivered by the two “co-princes” of Andorra and other important government leaders. The country will be full of flying Andorran flags and a host of cultural events. And you can also attend the big fireworks display in the capital city and the various concerts that also are held there on 14 March.