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Resistance Day

Resistance Day 2025 and 2026 in Slovenia

In the country of Slovenia, The Liberation Front was created in Ljubljana in 1941. Once Slovenia received its independence in 1991, the holiday received a new name – Resistance Day.

202527 AprSunResistance Day
202627 AprMonResistance Day
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Created at the home of Josip Vidmar, literary critic and writer, the Front was enacted just two weeks after Slovenia was initially occupied by Nazi Germany and 10 days after the Yugoslav authorities surrendered Belgrade.

Soon, the Front was known as the Slovenian Liberation Front and, as a result, Day of the Liberation Front occurs a day after its creation – on 27 April each year. This is a country-wide holiday, which means all schools, government offices, and many businesses remain closed.

The History of Resistance Day

Ljubljana was the capital of Slovenia, and the Liberation Front was created to prevent foreign occupation in the country. The fuel behind this massive movement was ignited by some of the most well-known Slovenian literary critics and writers of the time.

In 1942, a short civil war occurred between the Slovenian People and the Liberation Front. The anti-communist militia took over quite a few territories in Slovenia and helped to ensure the fall of Nazi Germany and, in part, fascist Italy, which were currently occupying the country.

The Meaning of Resistance Day

According to sources in Slovenian, National Resistance Day is a unique celebration of the fundamental values of freedom, culture, ingenuity, and courage. During the Second World War, the Slovenian nation had to make several important decisions. One was whether or not the people would resist the occupation.

The National Resistance Day is a time to reflect on and remember the greatness of the war and the fight against Nazism and Fascism.

Activities, Customs, and Traditions

During this national holiday, there are a number of events and activities that occur throughout the country. There are public events where speeches are given by the surviving Slovenian guerillas, as well as various political groups. Large crowds gather at the Monument of Freedom, which was crafted by Jakob Savinek to help and commemorate the huge event that liberated the entire country from foreign rule during the time of World War II.

The speeches that are given on this day relate stories about the unification of the Slovenes during this occupation and how the liberation army helped the country gain independence from the three European powers that were present.

Resistance Day is a time for the people of Slovenia to celebrate their country’s freedom. There are often parades on this day, as well as fireworks, and large celebrations. Many towns host street fairs and open air markets on this day, as well, commemorating the occasion with memorabilia and souvenirs for locals and visitors.

For those visiting the area, it is important to understand that this is considered a national holiday, which means most businesses and all government offices remain closed. It is best to have everything needed before this day since resources are limited during this celebration of freedom and liberation.

Previous Years

202427 AprSatResistance Day
202327 AprThuResistance Day