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St Cyril and St Methodius Day

St Cyril and St Methodius Day 2020, 2021 and 2022 in Slovakia

The two great “Apostles to the Slavs”, Cyril and Methodius, are highly esteemed in both Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox traditions. They have their own feast day on 5 July in the Roman Catholic Church, and this day is also a public holiday in both Slovakia and Czech Republic. The holiday was declared in 1990 by Czechoslovakia and survived the breakup of that state in 1993.

20205 JulSunSt Cyril and St Methodius Day
20215 JulMonSt Cyril and St Methodius Day
20225 JulTueSt Cyril and St Methodius Day

Cyril and Methodius were missionaries to Greater Moravia, which was a precursor state to Slovakia and Czech Republic. They left together to evangelise the Slavs in A.D. 860 and worked in Bulgaria and Pannonia besides in Moravia. They created a precursor to the Cyrillic Alphabet in their effort to introduce Scripture and Christian literature into Slavic tongues.

While Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius Day is celebrated in other countries, it has special historical, cultural, and religious meaning to the people of Slovakia. It is a major feast day on the Roman Catholic church calendar in Slovakia.