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National Day

National Day 2025 and 2026 in Serbia

National Day in Serbia is celebrated each year on the 15th day of February. The day actually marks two historical commemorations in Serbia. In 1804, the First Serbian uprising occurred and, in 1835, the Serbian constitution was officially adopted.

202515 FebSatNational Day
16 FebSunNational Day Holiday
17 FebMonNational Day Holiday
202615 FebSunNational Day
16 FebMonNational Day Holiday
17 FebTueNational Day Holiday
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Until the end of the 17th Century, Serbia was ruled by the Ottoman Empire of Turkey. At the end of that century, the northern part of the country was captured by the Habsburg Monarchy of Austria. In 1804, Serbs south of Sava and Danube, the border between the two sections, led the First Serbian Uprising against the Turks, establishing their own authority and creating the constitution which was adopted in 1835.

Celebrations and Traditions

National Day is celebrated with a ceremony that begins with a Holy Liturgy and a Memorial Service with a wreath laid at the monument to Karadjordje. Speeches are delivered by dignitaries and country leaders who recognise the sacrifice of those who died for Serbian independence.

Memorial services are held in churches, many followed by receptions in honour of the holiday. Throughout the country there are concerts, plays and other entertainment designed to recognise the creation of the constitutional and the First Serbian Uprising. Receptions are hosted by the Royal Family and the President of Serbia.

Previous Years

202415 FebThuNational Day
16 FebFriNational Day Holiday
202315 FebWedNational Day
16 FebThuNational Day Holiday