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Saint Clement of Ohrid Day
North Macedonia

Saint Clement of Ohrid Day 2020, 2021 and 2022 in North Macedonia

Saint Clement of Ohrid Day is celebrated on 8 December in North Macedonia. This is a religious and public holiday held in remembrance of North Macedonia’s Eastern Orthodox patron saint.

20208 DecTueSaint Clement of Ohrid Day
20218 DecWedSaint Clement of Ohrid Day
20228 DecThuSaint Clement of Ohrid Day

The North Macedonian Orthodox Church remembers Saint Clement of Ohrid as their country’s patron saint. He was born in A.D. 840 or so in the North Macedonian region of the Bulgarian Empire of the time. He became a famous scholar and writer and a student and follower of both Saint Cyril and of Methodius.

Saint Clement was the great leader of the Old Church Slavonic literary movement, and he adapted a script invented by Cyril and Methodius to create the now widely used Cyrillic Alphabet. Clement is honoured in both Bulgaria and North Macedonia as an important contributor to the advancement of literature and education.

On Saint Clement of Ohrid Day, people in North Macedonia get a day off work. They also attend cultural events on the theme of the day. And there is an annual giving out of a “Saint Clement Award”.