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Revolution Day

Revolution Day 2019 and 2020

Every 11 October is Revolution Day in the Republic of Macedonia. It is also sometimes referred as “People’s Uprising Against Fascism Day”. The day commemorates the revolt of the Macedonian people on 11 October, 1941 against the Nazi occupation.

201911 OctFriRevolution Day
202011 OctSunRevolution Day
12 OctMonRevolution Day Holiday

It was in the middle of World War II, and Macedonia was merely a part of the now-non-existent nation of Yugoslavia. Nazi Germany and its Axis allies closed in on Yugoslavia and on Macedonia early in 1941, and there was resistance. A liberation army was formed for Macedonia, which opposed the Nazi invaders.

Resistance was small and ineffective at first. It wasn’t until 11 October, 1941 that the liberation forces dared to make an attack on Axis forces. They assaulted a Bulgarian-run police department in Prilep, Bulgaria being an ally of Germany at the time. And another attack against the fascists took place in Kumanovo.

Little by little the liberation army continued its raids, until War’s end, in Macedonia at least, in 1944.

Every year on 11 October, there are official government ceremonies and public patriotic speeches on the occasion of Revolution Day in Macedonia. And there are also official awards given out to all manner of people who have contributed to the nation’s progress.