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Summer Bank Holiday

Summer Bank Holiday 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Jersey

Jersey observes Summer Bank Holiday on the final Monday of the month of August. This holiday does not commemorate any special historical event but simply gives people a final chance to enjoy the summer with their whole family before their kids head back to school following summer vacation.

202426 AugMonSummer Bank Holiday
202525 AugMonSummer Bank Holiday
202631 AugMonSummer Bank Holiday
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Many families choose to spend their extended Summer Bank Holiday weekend in the English Channel on Jersey. The beaches, boating and fishing opportunities, top-rated hotels and resorts, quaint cottages, and guided tours attract many visitors this time of year. There are also music concerts, street parties, and other special events held on the first Monday of August. And others choose to spend their day off working in the garden, cleaning the house, or doing nothing but relaxing and watching TV!

Bank holidaying has been a British tradition since 1871 when the Bank Holidays Act introduced the first four, which were Easter Monday, Boxing Day, Whit Monday (now Spring Bank Holiday), and Summer Bank Holiday. But at that time, it was the first Monday rather than the last Monday of August that was taken off. And, in fact, that earlier date is still used today in Scotland.

These holidays normally come on Mondays and create three-day weekends. Banks and many businesses shut down for the day, but traffic piles up as millions head out on holiday.

Previous Years

202328 AugMonSummer Bank Holiday
202229 AugMonSummer Bank Holiday