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Summer Bank Holiday

Summer Bank Holiday 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Guernsey

The UK crown dependency of Guernsey includes both the island of Guernsey itself and the smaller island of Alderney to the north. On Guernsey proper, Summer Bank Holiday falls on the final Monday of August, while in Alderney, it comes on the first Monday of August.

202426 AugMonSummer Bank Holiday
202525 AugMonSummer Bank Holiday
202631 AugMonSummer Bank Holiday
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Guernsey’s later date of this holiday coincides with the date of it in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Alderney’s earlier date matches that used in Scotland. In Scotland, it makes sense for an earlier date since Scotland lies further north and gets colder earlier. This situation makes it easier for Scots to visit Alderney during this holiday since they would be off work and out of school at the time, while the rest of the UK would be more likely to vacation on Guernsey for the same reason.

Summer Bank Holiday is meant to mark the end of the summer holiday season and give a final chance to enjoy the summer weather before the fall. There are street festivals, concerts, and other special events in some locales, but in general, it’s a low-key holiday. As a bank holiday, this day sees many businesses close down for the day.

Many go on short vacations on Summer Bank Holiday. Others stay home and work in their gardens, do household chores, work on home improvement projects, or just relax and spend time with family and friends.

Previous Years

202328 AugMonSummer Bank Holiday
202229 AugMonSummer Bank Holiday