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National Day

National Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Greenland

Greenland’s National Day on 21 June is one of the most festive dates on the calendar. National day was first celebrated in Greenland in 1983 and is a day to express cultural and national unity as “Greenlanders.”

202421 JunFriUllortuneq
202521 JunSatUllortuneq
202621 JunSunUllortuneq
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On National Day you will see the distinctive red-and-white Greenland flag flying high, hear the national anthem sung and see people donning traditional Greenlander clothes.

The reason 21 June was chosen for National Day is because it is the longest day of the year, and in a land with many short days and long periods with little daylight, that is the perfect time to attend festive programs, which are held in all the settlements.

Events include folk singing and dancing, kayak contests, flag hoisting, patriotic speeches, and the famed “kaffemik,“ a Greenlandic social gathering centred around a cup of coffee but often including cakes and tea. There are also TV specials and special events at museums and other public buildings.

Previous Years

202321 JunWedUllortuneq
202221 JunTueUllortuneq
202121 JunMonUllortuneq
202021 JunSunUllortuneq
201921 JunFriUllortuneq
201821 JunThuUllortuneq
201721 JunWedUllortuneq