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Queen’s Birthday

Queen’s Birthday 2023, 2024 and 2025 in Gibraltar

The Queen’s Birthday is a bank holiday on the third Monday of June in Gibraltar, designed to honour the sitting queen of the UK, Queen Elizabeth II.

202319 JunMonQueen's Birthday
202417 JunMonQueen's Birthday
202516 JunMonQueen's Birthday
202615 JunMonQueen's Birthday
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The Queen’s actual birthday is on 21 April, but the Queen’s Birthday is celebrated in the UK on the second Saturday of June so the Trouping of the Colour in London can take place in the warmer weather of summer. The tradition of moving the birthday of the monarch this way began in 1748, but her actual birthday does get a token recognition too.

In Gibraltar, a full military parade takes place on Queen’s Birthday in Grand Casemates Square. It is smaller than the one in London but still very well done and patriotic. Most people like to get out and watch the parade and spend some time around town.

Previous Years

202213 JunMonQueen's Birthday
202114 JunMonQueen's Birthday
202015 JunMonQueen's Birthday
201917 JunMonQueen's Birthday
201811 JunMonQueen's Birthday
201719 JunMonQueen's Birthday