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Late Summer Bank Holiday

Late Summer Bank Holiday 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Gibraltar

As a UK overseas territory, Gibraltar follows the UK holidays calendar to a large extent. And that includes celebration of Late Summer Bank Holiday on the final Monday of the month of August.

202229 AugMonLate Summer Bank Holiday
202328 AugMonLate Summer Bank Holiday
202426 AugMonLate Summer Bank Holiday
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Some bank holidays were named to take the place of traditional religious holidays, but not so with Late Summer Bank Holiday. It was invented simply to give workers some time off before the summer would end and before the long stint without any holidays between it and Christmas.

Originally, this holiday was observed on the first Monday of August, but it was changed to the last Monday in 1971. In Scotland, however, the original date is retained.

In Gibraltar itself, things are quiet on this holiday. Many will relax and swim at Gibraltar’s sunny beaches, visit “The Rock” and its nature reserve, watch whales in the Straits of Gibraltar, or just spend time at home with family.

Some businesses close for Late Summer Bank Holiday, and banks, of course, are closed. Other businesses may follow a shortened schedule but remain open for the day. The tradition of bank holidays goes back to the Bank Holidays Act of 1871, and it generally involves a low-key but welcome break from the daily grind.

Previous Years

202130 AugMonLate Summer Bank Holiday
202031 AugMonLate Summer Bank Holiday
201926 AugMonLate Summer Bank Holiday
201827 AugMonLate Summer Bank Holiday
201728 AugMonLate Summer Bank Holiday