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Commonwealth Day

Commonwealth Day in Gibraltar

In the 52 countries that are part of the Commonwealth of Nations and in various UK overseas possessions, such as Gibraltar, Commonwealth Day is observed every second Monday in March. Up until 1958, it was called Empire Day, but the name was changed to reflect the new equality of all member states.

20209 MarMonCommonwealth Day
202115 FebMonCommonwealth Day
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The main event every Commonwealth Day takes place in Westminster Abbey in London, where Queen Elizabeth II gives a speech after a multi-national, multi-faith service put on by the Anglican Church. This service and address are broadcast all around the world and listened to by many in Gibraltar.

Although Gibraltar occupies only about 2.5 square miles off the southern tip of Spain, its strategic location at the gates of the Mediterranean and the imposing Rock of Gibraltar make it a key part of British territory. Thus, the 30,000 inhabitants of Gibraltar have good reason to be proud of their important place in the British Commonwealth and celebrate that fact every second Monday of March.

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201911 MarMonCommonwealth Day
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