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Flag Day
Faroe Islands

Flag Day 2020, 2021 and 2022 in Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands are a partially self-governing commonwealth under Danish control, and they celebrate Danish holidays officially just like the people in Denmark do. But one holiday all their own that they’ve had since 2016 is Faroe Islands Flag Day on 25 April.

202025 AprSatFlag Day
202125 AprSunFlag Day
202225 AprMonFlag Day

Faroe Islands had long felt its distinctiveness from Denmark proper, despite being incorporated as a Danish county up until the Home Rule Act of 1948. In 1919, some students from Faroe Islands away at college in Copenhagen designed the Faroe Islands flag, with its white field and blue horizontal cross inside of a red horizontal cross.

That flag was used unofficially for 20 years, but during World War II, it become official. The UK occupied Faroe Islands to keep them out of Nazi hands, while Denmark had already been lost. This situation led to the British having Faroe Islands ships fly their own flag instead of the Danish flag.

However, while Faroe Islands’ ships continued to fly their flag after they were returned to Denmark at war’s end, it was 60 more years before the Danish government allowed them their own Flag Day.