Easter Monday 2016

201628 MarMonEaster Monday

Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday and is a public holiday in Ireland. Easter is a movable date each year because it is the first Sunday after the first full moon that follows the March equinox.

The Easter weekend is the Christian commemoration of the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ and is of a similar significance to Christmas. It is the end of the six-week period of Lent, during which many Christians fast at various levels. So, good food is a special feature to the Irish Christian on Easter Monday.

In Ireland, Easter Monday is also a day of remembrance for the Easter Rising in 1916 where a group of seven armed Irish republicans, along with many others, seized several locations around Dublin and proclaimed Ireland to be a republic and free from the rule of Britain. After six days, the uprising was quashed and, eventually, the ringleaders were court martialed and executed.

During the day of Easter Monday, many people attend church services as a part of the Christian Easter festival. And people, especially around Dublin, participate in parades commemorating the Easter Rising. These parades are politically sensitive and visitors to Dublin are particularly advised to understand the various factions before considering their involvement.

Horseracing is also a major attraction in many centres across Ireland on Easter Monday, including the running of the Grand National just outside Dublin. When the sun is shining then the day is filled with activity, colour and excitement, but even a rainy day at the races on the Easter weekend is a highlight.

Towns and villages around Ireland take advantage of this spring public holiday and lay on festivals, parades, markets and performances, and strange events like the National Leprechaun Hunt and the Easter National Poultry Races at Louth.